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Ras-e-Firdausi Soup The Rajdhani

Mixed Vegetables boiled with corriander root with a twist of lemon and tossed in a pan with tradtional herbs.

Pashto Paya Soup The Rajdhani

Clear and nutritous soup of Lamb Trotters prepared in tradtional peshawari style with aromatic spices.

Murgh Yakhni Soup The Rajdhani

Murgh Yakni


Chicken Cooked gently overnight with herbs and tossed in spices to create a perfect combination of stock.


Nayab Murgh Salad The Rajdhani

Murgh Tikka sliced and tossed with fresh veggies & sprinkled with dressing made inhouse.

Chef Signature Salad The Rajdhani

Salad Of the Day  

Bhutte Ki Tokri The Rajdhani

Fresh sweet corn mixed with diced onion, cucumber, aromatic herbs and spices served in hand made potato bowl.  

Veg Appetizer

The Rajdhani Subz Platter

Subz Platter


Mixed serving of all vegetarian appetizer.  

Pahadi Aloo Seekh The Rajdhani

Potato mashed with herbs and chefs signature chutney wrapped in skewers and cooked over charcoal.  

Tandoori Brocolli the Rajdhani

Broccoli cooked to perfection and dipped in tandoori marination with final execution over charcoal.  

Tandoori Wale Khumb the Rajdhani

Mushroom stuffed with exotic veggies mixed in herbs and coated in tandoori marination and cooked over charcoal.  

Rajdhani Achari Paneer

Achari Paneer


Cottage cheese marinated in yoghurt with traditonal spices and spread with a tangy layer of sauce and cooked over charcoal.  

Chicken Appetizer

Murgh Platter The Rajdhani

Murgh Platter


Mixed Serving of all Chicken appetizer

Murgh Lazeez Kulfi The Rajdhani

Chicken leg stuffed with chicken mince marinated with rice white cream & herbs and coated with cream then wrapped in silver foil and cooked over charcoal.

Murgh Malai Peshkesh the Rajdhani

Chicken mince marinated with cheese, cream and herbs wrapped in coating of egg and shallow fried.

Sohneri Murgh the Rajdhani

Sonehri Murgh


Chicken marinated in yoghurt and mustard paste with special herbs and cooked over charcoal.

Chakori Murgh The Rajdhani

Chakori Murgh


Chicken prepared in green marination with exotic herbs and a combination of spices handpicked by chef. Cooked over charcoal.

Murgh Peshawari Seekh The Rajdhani

Chicken mince mixed with special herbs and spices placed in skewers cooked over charcoal and with a final touch of cashew paste with special ingredient.

Kandahari Murgh The Rajdhani

Chicken marinated with layer of cream, cheese & yoghurt mixed with herbs and spread with reduction of beetroot and pomegrante. Cooked over charcoal.

Mutton Appetizer

Afghani Seekh The rajdhani

Afghani Seekh


Mutton mince mixed with herbs and roasted spices. Covered with vermicelli and deep fried.

Reshmi Kebab The Rajdhani

Reshmi Kebab


Mutton dices marinated over night in a creamy white sauce with chef's special ingredients and slow cooked over charcoal.

Shahi Bhara Chaap The Rajdhani

Juicy Mutton Chops marinated with special spices and cream, slow cooked over charcoal.

Shahi Gosht Muskaan The Rajdhani

Mutton mince mixed with finely chopped onions, ginger & garlic and chef's special green chilly paste. Coated in bread krumps and shallow fried.

Gosht Ke Galouti Kebab The Rajdhani

Mutton mince mixed with special ingredient hand picked by chef and shallow fried.

Gosht Platter The Rajdhani

Gosht Platter


Mixed serving of all Meat appetizer. (Tandoori Raan Not Included)

Seafood Appetizer

Sohneri Zubaidi Pomfret The Rajdhani

Fresh White Promfret marinated in cream & mustard sauce and chef's special ingredient. Cooked over charcoal.

Tandoori Zubaidi Pomfret The Rajdhani

Fresh white Promfret marinated with Tandoori Spices with a twist of herbs cooked over charcoal.

Sohneri Jhinga The Rajdhani

Fresh large sized prawns marinated in cream & mustard sauce and chef's special ingredient. Cooked over charcoal.

Tandoori Jhinga The Rajdhani

Fresh large sized prawns marinated in Tandoori spices with a twist of herbs cooked over charcoal.


The Rajdhani Dal Bukhara



Red kidney beans soaked overnight and slow cooked in traditional north Indian style.

Lucknowi Degi Daal The Rajdhani

Lentils slow cooked and tossed with dry kashmiri chilli with a blend of traditional lucknowi spices.

The Rajdhani Dal Bukhara

Dal Bukhara


Rich, creamy slow cooked whole lentils with tomato, butter and cream.

Veg Main Course

Degi Dum Aloo The Rajdhani

Degi Dum Aloo


Baby potatoes saute in red chilli and tamarind paste with combination of spices, slow cooked with a smoky and fiery flavour.

Anjeer Zaikedaar The Rajdhani

Rich gravy made from dry figs soaked overnight and sauted with onion and tomato paste with fresh cream, herbs and green peas.

Paneer Nawazish The Rajdhani

Fresh Spinach leaves made to paste and sauted with homemade spices and herbs, added with deep frieds cubes of cottage cheese.

Navratna Qorma The Rajdhani

Cashew nut paste sauted in onion and tomato paste with selective herbs and spices giving it a rich creamy texture and topped with fried cashew nuts.

Bhindi Karrari The Rajdhani

Okra sliced in half, marinated and fried and then slow cooked in thick gravy with rich spices..

Kadai Paneer The Rajdhani

Kadai Paneer


Diced cottage cheese and capsicum cooked in authentic semi dry tomato gravy.

Baghaar-e-Baingan The Rajdhani

Egg Plant whole sliced and marinated with special stuffing and served in thick gravy tossed in spices.

Khubani Bhare Kofte The Rajdhani

Apricot Stuffed dumpling cooked in medium spicy rich based gravy.

Chicken Main Course

Murgh Angara The Rajdhani

Boneless chicken marinated in herbs fried and sauted in spinach paste and capsicum with a blend a homemade spices adding richness to the combination of chicken and spinach.

Badami Murgh Lazeez The Rajdhani

Chicken marinated in herbs and cooked almond and cream paste with handpicked aromatic ground spices

Murgh Dum Dahi Handi The Rajdhani

Boneless chicken cubes slow cooked in cashew nut paste with a charcoal smoky effect and rich herbs.

Murgh Angara The Rajdhani

Murgh Angara


Chicken marinated overnight in a combinated of spices and slow cooked in a spicy gravy.

Shahi Murgh Qorma The Rajdhani

Chicken slow cooked in tomato paste with special herbs and tossed in purest form of ghee giving rich aroma.

Mutton Main Course

Nargisi Kofte The Rajdhani

Nargisi Kofte


Mutton mince forming a thick shell over boiled marinated in special spices and served in thick gravy.

Daal Gosht The Radhani

Dal Gosht


Lentils slow cooked and blended with mutton which is prepared in special spices. Topping with selective herbs and garnish adding a smoky flavour.

Salli Boti The Rajdhani

Salli Boti


Salli boti is a celebratory fusion dish with potato sticks and chunk of meat slow cooked with special herbs and spices.

Nawabi Chaap Qorma The Rajdhani

Lamb Chops marinated in basic chilly, ginger & garlic paste and slow cooked in onion and cashew nut paste topped with sizzle of almonds.

Gosht Nihari The Rajdhani

Gosht Nihari


Slow cooked shank of meat with special herbs and spices with bone marrow.

Laal Maas The Rajdhani

Laal Maas


Tradtional Rajasthani specialty, mutton cubes slow cooked with smoky flavour of yogurt, tomato paste and handpicked red chillies.


hyderabadi biryani 2 The Rajdhani

Authentic deccan biryani with combination of rich spices, long grain rice and boneless chicken marinated over night in cream, herbs and mild spices. Served with green chilly spread on side.

Behishti Gosht Biryani The Rajdhani

Tender lamb marinated overnight with selective spices and slow cooked with extra long grain rice and special herbs adding flavour to Behishti Gosht Biryani.

The Rajdhani Jeera Rice

Zeera Rice


Extra long grain rice tossed in cummin, ghee and herbs.

Mutton Yakhni Pulav The Rajdhani

Tender lamb prepared in special marination with extra long grain rice cooked in special herbs.

The Rajdhani Subz Jahangiri Pulav

Fresh vegetables chopped as per size mixed with rice and rich spices prepared over griddle.

Murgh Biryani Anarkali The Rajdhani

Tender lamb marinated overnight with selective spices and slow cooked with extra long grain rice and special herbs adding flavour to Mutton Masala Biryani.

Murgh Dum Biryani The Rajdhani

Fusion of traditional & persian biryani with white extra long grain rice with hand picked spices added to the right combination of ideal chicken biryani.

Chef's Signature Special

Hara Tandoori Raan The Rajdhani

Whole Raan marinated in a combination of green spices and cooked over charcoal. Serves 3-4

Shaan E rajdhani 4 The Rajdhani

Mixed serving of selective appetizer from chicken, Mutton & Sea Food .(20 Pcs)

Shaan-E-Rajdhani 2 The Rajdhani

Mixed serving of selective appetizer from chicken, Mutton & Sea Food .(10 Pcs)

Tandoori Raan Biryani The Rajdhani

Lamb Leg whole portion marinated overnight in tandoori spices and special herbs slow cooked in tandoor placed on top of biryani rice prepared with special herbs. Serves 4

The Rajdhani Murgh Musallam Half

Charcoal Roasted half chicken marinated in Tandoori spices and mixed with thick gravy with rich sauce.

Murgh Musallam The Rajdhani

Charcoal Roasted Whole chicken marinated in Tandoori spices and mixed with thick gravy with rich sauce.

Tandoori Raan The Rajdhani

Mutton Leg Marinated overnight with blend of spices and sauce and slow cooked over charcoal


Rumali Roti The Rajdhani

Rumali Roti


Khameri Roti The Rajdhani

Khameri Roti


kulcha the rajdhani



garlic-naan the Rajdhani

Garlic Naan


butter-nan The Rajdhani

Butter Naan


plain-naan The Rajdhani

Plain Naan



Khaas E Rajdhani The Rajdhani

Dates jaggery stuffed in bread cooked over charcoal with layer of butter served with dip of traditional Rabri.

Ananasi Taufa The Rajdhani

Ananasi Taufa


Semolina prepared in pineapple, nuts and cream served with traditional Indian Poori.

Tamatar Halwa The Rajdhani

Shahi Tukda


Milk bread deep fried and soaked in sugar syrup, topped with Rabri, nuts and evaporated rose petals.

Gajjar Ka Halwa Roulad With Vanilla rajdhani

Grated carrot slow cooked with cream and nuts wrapped in a roll, served chilled with scoop of vanilla.

Upside Down Kulfi Falooda The Rajdhani

Flavoured ice cream made inhouse, served with falooda, nuts & cream.

Malpua & Rabri The Rajdhani

"Malpua" is a traditional dish served in northern & western parts of India. It is airy with crispy edges like pan cake. "Rabri" is fresh milk boiled with rich nuts and condensed milk till it is thickened and kept to chill. Rabri is spread across the Malpua making a perfect combination of crispy hot & creamy cold sweetness together.

Shehzaadi Ki Pasand Sweet The Rajdhani

Golden fried tender gulab jamun dipped in sweet syrup and covered with kashmiri chilly flakes adding a fiery taste to sweetness.

Cold Beverages

Namkeen Aabshaar The Rajdhani

Traditional summer cooler, fresh corriander, black salt, ginger and fresh creamy yogurt blend together, topped with mint leaves and served chilled.

Shahi Berry Sharbat The Rajdhani

Berries Mojito served chilled with chunks of berries and mint leaves.

Surya Uday Beverage The Rajdhani

Surya Uday


Peach fruit crushed and mixed with ginger served chill.

Lassi The Rajdhani



Traditional indian drink with thick yoghurt and fresh topped with nuts and saffron.

Passion Of Rajdhani Beverage The Rajdhani

Passion fruit Mojito with a twist of special ingredient speciality of rajdhgani. Served chill.

Sheesh Mahal


Whole coconut drilled and mixed with guava juice and elder flower syrup. Served chill.

Neel Jahangir Beverage The Rajdhani

Neel Jahangir


Strawberry Mojito served chilled with chunks of Blue Berry and mint leaves.

Mirch Mumtaz Beverage The Rajdhani

Mirch Mumtaz


Layers of flavour, orange, rose and hint of chilly.

Gulabi Qila Beverage The Rajdhani

Gulabi Qila


Strawberry Mojito served chilled with chunks of strawberry and mint leaves.

Hot Bevarages

Traditional Indian Tea with milk mixed with herbs & spices. Serves 3 to 4 people

Green Tea Served in Tea pot. Serves 3 to 4 people.

Lavendar Served in Tea pot. Serves 3 to 4 people.

Cammomile Served in Tea pot. Serves 3 to 4 people.

Red Tea With Lemon and Ginger Served in Tea pot. Serves 3 to 4 people.

Red Tea With Mint Served in Tea pot. Serves 3 to 4 people.

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